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Some articles, notes, flotsam and jetsam of my online wanderings; a short glimpse on what I write on design, webtechnologies, and related stuff in my blog:

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A reply to Holgers reply to my reply to his post

In a reply to my reply to his initial post, Holger (@foobartel) writes: (…) Yet, those frameworks have allowed their sameness to creep in, default designs to be seen for how websites “should” look like today. Even though frameworks were only meant for p …

A reply to Holger

Holger's (@foobartel) post about this year's BeyondTellerrand Düsseldorf conference and the inspiration that transpires touches on a raw nerve for me. (…) With so much sameness on the web these days, I would love to see more people dare, more cr …

Status as a Service - Eugene Wei

A very interesting article by @eugenewei about social capital and how social networks tap into our need to compete and feel somewhat better than the rest.

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