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Some articles, notes, flotsam and jetsam of my online wanderings; a short glimpse on what I write on design, webtechnologies, and related stuff in my blog:

Latest posts from my blog

btconf-ed, again

Wow. The last two days flew by in a breeze. I resurfaced at an in-person event after missing out for three years, and boy, how good this feels.

I made a thing: Setlist Generator

Because I was tired of the endless iterations about the set list in case of an upcoming gig of my acoustic band, this week I made a set list generator for myself and my band mates on our web site. The initial song list is rendered from our @getkirby …

100DaysOfMoreOrLessModernCSS - Manuel Matuzovic

Manuel has completed his self-assigned challenge to post every day for 100 days something about "modern css", and today closes the series with a re-cap. Congrats, and thanks for doing this, Manuel. :-) There is so much I learned, new and old, and …

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