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Some articles, notes, flotsam and jetsam of my online wanderings; a short glimpse on what I write on design, webtechnologies, and related stuff in my blog:

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I made a thing: Setlist Generator

Because I was tired of the endless iterations about the set list in case of an upcoming gig of my acoustic band, this week I made a set list generator for myself and my band mates on our web site. The initial song list is rendered from our @getkirby …

100DaysOfMoreOrLessModernCSS - Manuel Matuzovic

Manuel has completed his self-assigned challenge to post every day for 100 days something about "modern css", and today closes the series with a re-cap. Congrats, and thanks for doing this, Manuel. :-) There is so much I learned, new and old, and …

check to see how posting to twitter via fares today, 2023-02-09 (after twitter closing the api access)

(Simple) CSS Grid Layout System

Here's my codepen around a neat and simple css grid 12 columns layout system I am currently testing / playing around with in different content management systems: It is all very brief and rough around the edges, but I am already stoked how the …

ProcessWire: Use unpublished pages in Page Relation Field

Another wtf moment that cost me quite some time to find out. And, as usual with such problems, once you know how to ask the right question, the answer and solution is just round the corner, or in this case, literally right in front of your eyes - …

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